David Crews

This Song
by David Crews

comes to you
from the song
before it
and that one
from the song
before that
and so on
these songs
come to us
some in sleep
and others simply
the street
walking down
these songs
that resound
in the chest
like the deep fluttering
of a thousand
grackle wings
into the day descending
and the thousand
grackle cries
that fall around you
your mouth agape
trying to remember
what it was you know
and still there will be
songs we carry
with us
the deep songs
of longing and love
if only to remember
those low notes
your mother once
hummed into your
dreamless sleep
like the memory
of the dead bird
your father said
was a sparrow
in your tiny hands
and your mother said
to drop it to the ground
and you did


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 20, Issue 1.

David CrewsDavid Crews is author of the poetry collections High Peaks (Ra Press, 2015) and Circadian Rhythm (Paulinskill Poetry Project, 2014). New poems and essays are forthcoming or recent in Platform Review, Tiferet, The Curlew, Lime Hawk, Bird’s Thumb, and Stoneboat Journal. He serves as editor for The Stillwater Review. davidcrewspoetry.com

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