Cameron Dezen Hammon

Maia Considers Her Options
by Cameron Dezen Hammon

And if longing seizes you for sailing
the stormy seas, when the Pleiades
flee mighty Orion…

Things are bad and getting worse
anyone who has lived knows this

Sisters trade children       homes       husbands
I am silent—retired womb             tiny boats leave the

shoreline       of my country because our money is worth
less than paper.
I’m sick with love       and they

Know its       sick with
What I can’t have
Don’t deserve

We startle       under the canopy             of stars &starve in our       glittering houses.
Whores are better off than gods even in bad times

anyone who has loved knows this.
On our backs we’re

pinned like moths to linen
The distance between us

for sailors to chart their courses by
On a clear night, hunter

Your hair a flag
Your bow and belt

But this distance cannot     be       closed
Anyone knows       this
Not even by stars’ desire.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 19, Issue 4.

Cameron Dezen HammonCameron Dezen Hammon is a writer and musician whose work has appeared in or is forthcoming from EcotoneGuernica’s “The Kiss” series, The Literary Review, Houston ChronicleThe Brooklyn Review, and elsewhere.

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