You’ve Never Seen Me Grill a Hotdog Before
by Dustin Hellberg

The day made everything about sex and
why shouldn’t it? The day uses words like
‘sluice’ and ‘kith’. The day dares you to ‘be the
real you’. The day is just another perspective

among the many serious ways of
defining perspective, you visitor,
here in the gift shop, here among many
impossible positions of the light

sluicing from body to body, like some
horned-up prankster god’s busy hands. The day
says, Did you think she’d stay with you, really?

The day says, Forever. Says, Kith me. Says,
Jump in the water. Says, The body sinks slowly
though it’s the heaviest prayer that we have.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 19, Issue 2.

Dustin Hellberg is an assistant professor of literature and creative writing in the Department of English Language and Literature, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. He has an MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and a PhD from EGS, Switzerland. He has two forthcoming books, World Enough (Atropos), a work of criticism, and a book of poems, A Perfect Sphere on a Frictionless Plane (Delere).

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