Sara Henning

Camera Lucida
by Sara Henning

I was there. I know.

—C.D. Wright, Deepstep Come Shining

Let me be witness, Lord,
not half-silvered mirror.

Let me know heirloom
from hazard, my name

from a legacy of hyssop
so filial my shoulders

tangle in sharp calyxes,
my heart confuses petals

for bruises. Suffer me
until shame is my only

angle of incidence. Let my
truth, graceless squall

that it is, hold you like
a lover. Instead of words,

watch shadows graffiti
my skin and ripen. Lay

your hands on my beautiful
braille. If you cannot

deliver me, forgive me
my trespass. The discreet

side of revelation still
calls me home.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 5.

Sara HenningSara Henning is the author of the full-length collection of poetry A Sweeter Water (2013), as well as a chapbook, To Speak of Dahlias (2012). Currently a doctoral student at the University of South Dakota, she serves as Managing Editor for The South Dakota Review.

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