Jennifer Bullis

I Anticipate a Metamorphosis
by Jennifer Bullis

My fear is a flight pattern.
It circles and rides the updrafts.

I want these stars, all they swallow
along the valley: the firs,

backlit by the full-moon rise,
the bay simmering under its height,

my own tight-breathed anticipation,
whispered gust of autumn.

I want all this carrying.
That moon could be my head, scythed,

mirroring in a long, sustained manner.
My exoskeleton is heavy. I will suffer its loss.

My scattering is a hanging cry, an abrupt
transition, a door into the mountain.

Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 4.

Jennifer BullisJennifer Bullis grew up in Reno, earned a Ph.D. in English at UC Davis, and taught college writing and literature in Bellingham, Washington, for fourteen years. Her first collection of poems, Impossible Lessons, was published by MoonPath Press in 2013.

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