Ted Jean

Desultory Sonnets: III mendicant
by Ted Jean

four o’clock coffee:
first baking from the Sellwood Safeway

risen early with no real purpose,

no plane to catch, a habit shaped

equally of anxiety and autonomy

enter gull:
flare to pavement, pas de chat, perfunctory poop

behind the wheel of his pickup,

the most personal private space

on the face of the rearview world

beggar bird has the upper hand, and knows it

self-made man, by himself,

parked, under the parking lot lights


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 2.

Ted JeanA carpenter, Ted Jean writes, paints, plays tennis with lovely Lai Mei. Nominated twice for Best of the Net, and twice for a Pushcart Prize, his work appears in Beloit Poetry Journal, [PANK], DIAGRAM, Juked, and dozens of other publications.

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