In Utero in Palmetto
by Jimmie Cumbie

Kurt wanted to name Nirvana’s last studio album I Hate Myself and I Want to Die but executives at Geffen Records there’s a train station in Palmetto Florida that’s now condemned where my dad used to live when he was a boy and if you wanted you could pull it up on Google Earth after I get you the coordinates and you’ll see the orange groves and the marl quarries where Dave and Krist didn’t really dig that title so lifting from Courtney’s journal Kurt came up with In Utero instead of where Jerry and Dean Cumbie drowned in front of my dad when he was ten and dead himself now he didn’t hate himself by the time he took his rumors that the record company hated the songs and one of the last things he said was that he wanted to show me what it would be like for me meaning he was on his way to tape MTV Unplugged in NY when he rolled down the window of the limo nodding and high to spit on a fan meaning how death by cancer would feel and look for the performance dad carried the weight of his absent brothers and it’s clear now that the Rome incident was a suicide attempt because Kurt left a note by the branch


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 16, Issue 4.

placesaverJimmie Cumbie received his undergraduate degree in Theater & Drama from the University of Wisconsin, and an MFA in Poetry from Bennington College, where he was awarded the Liam Rector scholarship in poetry.

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