Michael Patrick Collins

American Apology
by Michael Collins

Why did I think
So she was lying

gorgeousness, before
offering with a beckoning

her body for what seemed
But I was too prudish

Seriously, even in
I’m either really not

or some gringo
Yes, we don’t sleep

not even in dreams
Clearly this Christens us

Why didn’t I give
standing there like a stick

Freud would have blown
I could have asked

her name, her conception
of Songs, but I did

to inter-
laterally, like I’m so much

in which people
certain select services

you need – or think
And then,

it was such a big deal?
there dripping

me, supine, naked,
gesture, a smile,

a reasonable fee.
to do it.

a dream it seems
very much fun

remake of Don Quixote.
with hookers, dream self,

where they’re not really hookers:
Gloria Steinem.

her something other than
in the mud—

his load on that one—
to draw her, asked

of Song
nothing, refused

course with her uni-
better than my culture,

you don’t know perform
for you, give you things

you need—
you pay.

Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 16, Issue 4.

Michael Patrick CollinsMichael Collins’s poems have appeared or will soon appear in numerous publications, including BlazeVOX, Dressing Room Poetry Journal, Red Savina Review, Blood Lotus Journal, Mobius, Grist, Kenning Journal, Pank, Smartish Pace and SOFTBLOW.  His first chapbook, How to Sing when People Cut off your Head and Leave it Floating in the Water, won the Exact Change Press Chapbook Contest and is forthcoming this year.

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