Jeremy Windham

Adagio di molto
by Jeremy Windham

His earliest memory begins

with the hush of his mother’s hands

holding him close before bedtime,

ends with a song she hummed

him to sleep with before she left.

He grew like a stone fruit tree

whose limbs were pruned

when the plant was a sapling

to raise strong branches for bearing.

Now he knows the song was a prayer

she released into the world

so his older self might remember
what her hands had felt like

when he knew

he needed them most,

so he might hum the same song

to conjure her

from the same realm she conjured him:

from nowhere,
from the blush of her own prayer

before she knew how to pray.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 16, Issue 2.

Jeremy Windham

Jeremy Windham is currently earning his BFA in creative writing at Stephen F. Austin State University where he also studies music and violin performance. His poetry can be found in The Blue Route, Psaltery and Lyre, Steam Ticket Review, The Lake, Diverse Voices Quarterly, The Portland Review, and is soon to appear in Rainy Day Magazine and Southern Humanities Review.  

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