Warrior Woman Takes Her Muse to the Boston Harbor Islands
by Carol Berg

and then it was I realized we all create our own
Garden of Eden and so I have placed for you

here the glasswort with its thorny stems
the spray of the ocean upon my lips

the pale sea glass green of your eyes
I will set in gold for you my ring to you

the double crested cormorant will dive and bring to the surface
a silvery mackerel and I will rub it with wild sage

salt from the tempestuous air sauté it over an open
blaze the blaze from my heart’s blade for you and I gather

cattails and pussywillows for you and together we name
this red bird for the very first time Love

biting down on your nipple my beloved
and hearing the angel’s rustling in the sumac leaves

in the language of warning and we rise to find
the flaming gates


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 16, Issue 1.

Carol Berg’s poems are forthcoming or in The Journal, Spillway, Heron Tree, Redactions, Pebble Lake Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, and Verse Wisconsin.  Her poems have received Pushcart Prize nominations and a Best of the Net nomination.  Her most recent chapbook, Her Vena Amoris, is available from Red Bird Chapbooks.

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