The Virgin Asks What Sex Is Like
by Amy Meckler

Like how a hitchhiker takes a ride, half
trusting, half resigned to what might
arise, half climbing, half sliding
between half body half space
the way a driver sets the pace, half
custody, half confinement, a hundred
miles in—half progress half regression,
half chronicle, half confession, half
whisper, half shout, half ajar, half agape,
half pressure of tread, half cargo weight, all
profile, all ellipsis, half arrival half escape.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 16, Issue 1.

Amy MecklerAmy Meckler received her MFA in creative writing from Hunter College, where she garnered the Academy of American Poets Award, among other honors. Her first collection, What All the Sleeping Is For, won the 2002 Defined Providence Press Poetry Book Award and was published that year. She works in New York City as a Sign Language interpreter. Amy also blogs at You Have Spinach In Your Teeth.

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