Georgia Artist Seth Fitts Creates Cover Art for The Body He Left Behind

The Body He Left Behind - Fitts Cover
Poetry by Reese Conner
2020 CPR Editor’s Prize
ISBN: 9781930781597
Binding: Tradepaper
Pub date: August, 2021

Cider Press Review is delighted to announce a collaboration with mixed-media artist Seth Fitts on the cover art for the forthcoming Resse Conner book, The Body He Left Behind. Publisher and Book Designer Caron Andregg has been a huge fan of Seth’s work for many years. “I first fell in love with Seth’s whimsical images when I saw his collection on half a decade ago. Since that time, I have been waiting for the right project to come along for a chance to work together.”

Conner’s manuscript is brimming with life, love, heartbreak, and death, so much of it wrapped in his genuine affection for cats–or perhaps just one cat, Lewis. Lewis alive. Lewis dead. Lewis in the various stages of transition between the two states. “Simply put, these are heartfelt—and powerful—love poems to and about cats, poems of genuine grappling with human sensibility,” writes Alberto Rios, “They artfully connect us to something important inside ourselves. […] They simply make us feel, so that even as they are about cats, these poems humanize us.”

Fitts’s body of work, populated as it is by a panoply of animals and animal spirits, seemed a perfect fit for the poetry title. After reading a few poems about Lewis (and others), Fitts agreed to the project and set to work. He generously presented a half-dozen different possible art pieces, from which the author selected “Boat with Levitating Cat,” a response to the poem “Rapture.”

Seth Fitts is an artist and illustrator currently residing in Georgia. He earned his BFA in painting from the University of West Georgia. Seth’s work explores the human condition, the realms of the imagination, the soul, and spirit. He works mostly in traditional techniques with mixed media applications. View his work and follow Seth Fitts on Facebook.

Reese Conner’s The Body He Left Behind is available for Pre-Order on the CPR bookstore (publication date August, 2021).

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