Kathryn Davis Wins the 2019 CPR Book Award

Judge Lesley Wheeler has selected “Passiflora” by Kathryn Nash Davis as the winning manuscript for the 2019 Cider Press Review Book Award. “Passiflora”  has a tentative release date of January, 2021* from Cider Press Review.


Passiflora, by Kathryn Davis


Climbing Hybrid Perpetual, by Erica Bernheim
Fractures, by Carlos Gómez

Additional Finalists:

Abattoir, by Angelo Mao
Burning Man, by Jed Myers
Girls on Land, by Nicole Melanson
House Bird, by Robert Fillman
Imagine the Glacier, by Matthew Burns
Needles Road, by Lee Peterson
Out of Nowhere, by Susan Comninos
Romancing Akhmatova, by James Wyshynski
What to Pack, What to Carry, by Liz Rees

*All contest entrants will receive a copy of the book.

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