Abundance for your Kindle

As part of The Digital Project, Robin Chapman’s Abundance is now available in a Kindle edition, $9.99 from Amazon. Abundance was the winner of the 2007 Cider Press Review Book Award.

What reviewers say about Abundance:

Abundance indeed! An abundance of wit and wisdom, an abundance of love and lyricism, an abundance of grace and beauty, in this natural history of happiness and gratitude for the world and all its wonders. Whether evoking marsh or prairie, boundary waters or bog, personal loss or longing, redemption or recovery, Robin Chapman’s new collection is indeed “full to overflowing,” “a bounty,” “a wealth.”

–Ronald Wallace, author of For a Limited Time Only (2008) and Long for This World (2003)

Impeccably crafted, passionate, and attentive, Robin Chapman s new poetry collection distills the subtle beauties of the northern plains, where grow small, late blooms on an inland sea. In Moose River, she gives us a moose as memorable as Elizabeth Bishop’s. This excellent book never blanches or blinks at nature s cruelty, yet all the poems in it are lovingly and instructively detailed, and the last four are simply transcendent.

–Kelly Cherry, author of Hazard and Prospect: New and Selected Poems

In the poems that fill Abundance, Robin Chapman combines science and beauty in perfect proportion as she explores the natural world; the scientist in her explaining while the poet and artist renders vivid each landscape she passses through. Abundance is a truly wise and luminous book.

–Jesse Lee Kercheval, author of World as Dictionary, Dog Angel, and Chartreuse.

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