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2013 Pushcart Prize Nominees

The Editors of Cider Press Review would like to congratulate our 2013 Pushcart Prize nominees:

Carole A. Stasiowski, “Where the Moon Stands in for Love and Its Other,” (Vol. 15, Issue 1)

Christine Butterworth McDermott, “Dead Girls, Not Ours,” (Vol. 15, Issue 2)

Susan Grimm, “Drowned Girl” (Vol. 15, Issue 2)

Joseph Fasano, “Vulture Watches a Starbing Child” (Vol. 15, Issue 3)

Alexandra van de Kamp, “Sleep: An Update,” by (Vol. 15, Issue 3)

Sharon Chmielarz, “Living on a Planet with Four or Six or Twelve Moons” (Vol. 15, Issue 4)


Congratulations to our terrific writers. Read their nominated poems online in Cider Press Review.

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