Poetry by Joseph Fasano

ISBN: 978-1-930781-17-7
Binding: Tradepaper
Pub date: June 1, 2015

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Poetry by Joseph Fasano, author of Fugue for Other Hands and

Advance praise for Vincent:

“This book-length poem, told through the mask of a murderer, demands to be read in one sitting. Indeed, the thing held me spellbound with its quiet mania, its seductive otherworldliness, from start to finish, so much so that I wondered, who would dare refuse the ride, the chance to be driven by a single unrelenting sentence to a lyricism bordering on derangement from which there is no return?  Not only is this Joseph Fasano’s finest book to date, it’s also the best long contemporary poem that I’ve read since I can’t remember when.”

— Timothy Liu, author of Don’t Go Back To Sleep

“Robert Browning meets Randall Jarrell meets Ai in Joseph Fasano’s explosive narrative of a man’s psychosis.  It is not only excellently crafted, but there is not a moment to lose interest in its urgency as it barrels on to its disastrous end.  Vincent is a must-read.”

—Noelle Kocot, author of Soul in Space

“What does it mean to enter into and imagine the darkest corners of the human psyche?  In Vincent, Joseph Fasano not only puts on the mask of depravity, he imagines the speech acts and interior monologues of a killer, as though that killer had the associative diligence and skill of a poet.  The result is an unnerving book that challenges the reader’s assumptions about the role of beauty in poetry.  Vincent is a chilling, memorable accomplishment.  ”

— Mark Wunderlich, author of The Earth Avails

About the Author

Joseph Fasano was born and raised in New York State’s Hudson River Valley. He earned a BA in philosophy from Harvard University in 2005 and an MFA from Columbia University in 2008. His poem “Mahler in New York” won the 2008 RATTLE Poetry Prize, and he has been a finalist for the Missouri Review Editors’ Prize, the Times Literary Supplement Poetry Competition, the Kinereth Gensler Award from Alice James Books, and the Autumn House Press Poetry Prize. He teaches at Columbia University, among other institutions.


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