The Green Cup, V. P. Loggins

The Green Cup

The Green Cup


Poetry by
V. P. Loggins.
Winner of the 2016 Cider Press Review Editors’ Prize Book Award.

ISBN: 978-1-930781-50-4
Binding: Tradepaper
Pub date: August 15, 2017


Poetry by V. P. Loggins.
Winner of the 2016 Cider Press Review Editors’ Prize Book Award.

Release date August 15, 2017

Advance praise for The Green Cup:

“This is a whip-smart, original, and utterly lucid book. In poem after poem the reader is spoken with and not to. It’s like an intense conversation that you don’t want
to end.”

—Thomas Lux, author of nineteen books of poetry and winner of the Kingsley Tufts Award

“These are essential poems. Their hard-won truths and revelations about family life, the self, and the mysteries of nature come to us in patiently beautiful language that is increasingly rare these days. We’re lucky to have V. P. Loggins’s The Green Cup. It’s
a book that will last.”

—Thomas Heise, author of Moth; or how I came to be with you again

“At the end of ‘Black Iris,’ V.P. Loggins conjures up his mother’s memory of picking cotton as a girl: ‘She sang while the sun burned, / …sang until the song displaced the pain.’ And in ‘Perennials,’ he revisits his own childhood to watch his father plant a garden in the spring: ‘This is how you love it, / he said, as he dropped each new seed….’ There’s no mystical ‘green cup’ to stave off our vanishing, but as Loggins demonstrates in poem after poem, there is song—and love—and that may be enough.”

—Jody Bolz, editor of Poet Lore

Enjoy the book’s title poem:

The Green Cup

I kneel to slip
the cup from the mud.
The river has receded
like a memory

and left the bank
revealed to reveal
the lost, perhaps forsaken

of the river’s past.
I lay my finger round
and through
the empty ear

of its handle, hearing
the mud cheep,
feeling the ancient grip
of earth. What water

seeps and fills the hollow.
Mud tugs against my tug.
The center holds

as if a sad
insatiable goddess
has pressed my heart
within her hands.

With thanks to Main Street Rag, in which the poem first appeared.


About the Author

V. P. Loggins is the author of The Fourth Paradise (Main Street Rag 2010) and Heaven Changes (Pudding House Chapbook Series 2007). His critical work includes Shakespeare’s Deliberate Art (co-author) and The Life of Our Design. His poems and articles have appeared in The Baltimore Review, Crannog (Ireland), The Dalhousie Review, The Healing Muse, Poet Lore, Poetry East, Poetry Ireland Review and The Southern Review, among other journals. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, and raised in Illinois, he holds a doctorate in English Renaissance literature and has taught at several institutions, most recently the United States Naval Academy. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with his wife Becky.


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