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2016 Pushcart Prize Nominations Announced

The editors of Cider Press Review are delighted to be able to announce our nominations for the 2016 Pushcart Prize:

North Window” by Carlie Hoffman (Vol. 18, Issue 2)
Luminescence” by Amorak Huey (Vol. 18, Issue 1)
To Wanderlust” by Allison Joseph (Vol. 18, Issue 1)
Concrete Noun, Abstract Noun, Emotion, Memory” by Devon Miller-Duggan (Vol. 18, Issue 2)
After Bobby Jindal Posed as White in his Portrait” by Steven Sanchez (Vol. 18, Issue 2)
A Man Tells You What is Good” by Mary Stone (Vol. 18, Issue 3)

Congratulations to our authors for their fine work.

Iowa, a Photosynthetic Star
by Samantha Futhey

Summers unfurl razor leaves,
tiny fingers grasping soil.

Stomata, open like punctures
in a time card, convert light

to sugar, netted in a loop of hunger
and thirst, thousands of mouths

pulsing to the sun. Orbs of water
escape from silica and loam, loss

shivering strings of light, a web
we cannot sift through,

break apart. From space,
Iowa glows like a rash,

the hot pink of a star
rippling before its collapse.

Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 3.

Samantha FutheySamantha Leigh Futhey received her M.F.A. in the Creative Writing and Environment program at Iowa State University. She has poetry published or forthcoming in RHINO Poetry, Rust +Moth, Superstition Review, and The Fourth River.

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Organize Your Home Using This Weird Old Trick
by Jennifer Bullis

When you get all the way down to the sub-atomic level,
the location of any particle is not governed by laws
but is merely predicted by probability.

So think of the microdust gassing away
from the delaminating soles of your loafers
as possessing a 0.00031% chance of knowing

where you put away the furniture polish
last time you used it, which was perhaps a year or more ago,
because who uses actual furniture polish?

It’s not on the list of 10 Foods You Should Never Eat.
It’s not even The Secret the Power Company
Doesn’t Want You To Know About.

Nevertheless, new advertisements will be coming
to your area soon! While you wait, make a wager
as to how all those apparently solid objects in your cupboards

are planning to mingle with the apparently solid knickknacks,
cleaning implements, and labor-saving devices
you will be shoving onto the shelves with them

as you sprint around tidying up before company arrives.
Just remember where you put away your voice:
middle drawer on the left. Your fear of judgment,

behind the door in the kitchen. Your nostalgia,
in the pantry next to the oregano. Your doubts—
those, you let out to roam the neighborhood.

Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 3.

Jennifer BullisJennifer Bullis grew up in Reno, earned a Ph.D. in English at UC Davis, and taught college writing and literature in Bellingham, Washington, for fourteen years. Her first collection of poems, Impossible Lessons, was published by MoonPath Press in 2013.

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