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Praise for the Cider Press Review Best of Volume 14/15 issue

Cider Press Review Best of Volume 14/15Ann Pelletier Eatinger just sent us a very nice note regarding the “Best of Volume 14/15” issue. As she’s not on Facebook right now, she gave her permission for me to re-post it:

Dear Caron Andregg,

I was lucky enough to have a couple of captive hours for reading yesterday and grabbed Cider Press Review Best of Volume 14/15. What a surprise to see my poem in there. Many thanks for including me. I had a great time reading the issue. Such a range of voices. I was especially compelled by Wendy Drexler, Susan Laughter Meyers, Linda Tomol Pennisi, Joseph Fasano (his book is beautiful), and Jenifer Browne Lawrence.

I wish you a happy summer and all good things.


Eve Paints the Apple Tree
by Lynn Pedersen

after lines from Cesare Pavese’s “Grappa in September”

Her problem, of course, is that she was never a child,
and so hadn’t the opportunity

to know the tree as a sapling, to climb
its branches, bark roughing her thighs, but only

viewed it with the distance of an adult.
Now it’s a question of staying on task with the story

of suffering a great pain. To climb
perhaps another higher tree,

and look back into Eden at the lost crown,
to paint what she remembers later

of that last day: the sky’s blue witness, the leaves slick, glistening.
And the snake—had the snake not spoken? Was it

her imagination, trick of the shadows?
She must variegate the color of bark: siennas, umbers,

ochers, reds, even green moss. Branches
may break off during their lifespans,

may be riddled with knots, regrets.
Cover her right eye and look with the left,

then reverse: each eye sees color differently.
How does she paint the temptation? Every limb and leaf

of before and after? The fulcrum where everything
stops to ripen? Regret a tart yellow.

Black for secrets. Her children must know that the ochres and umbers
even now conceal fruit that would fall at a touch.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 15, Issue 4.

Lynn Pedersen’s poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in New England Review, Poet Lore, The Southern Poetry Review, and The Palo Alto Review. Her chapbook, Theories of Rain, was published by Main Street Rag in 2009. A graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Penance III
by Chelsea Wagenaar

“Life on earth depends on the sun’s table scraps.”
an article from The Atlantic

A litany of our best efforts to repay this: we toss fistfuls of apple peels and tea leaves skyward. We touch each other gingerly, as though we might rupture. A woman pins sheets to a clothesline, her hair wet and unbrushed. We count your flares and watch our electronics for a sign of devastation. We give our own sadnesses away, like hallucinations, too delirious to hold them closely. Strangers pass each other in the street; our griefs nod hello. One man wants to be catapulted heavenward when he dies, his body cresting the constellations, scalding steadily toward that other aura: is this the debt we owe? We look through bright windows and think champagne, we paint without explanation. We hold our lost languages on our tongues, dissolving grains of sugar. We mimic you to warm our hands. We hang collections of light on our walls and say museum. Forgive us as we crawl around, our hands and knees stained and aching, our mouths open and hungry. But see how we turn our eyes from you? How unblistered we are, how we’ve preserved our retinas? We understand ultraviolet, we know exposure. We cannot look. No, we never, never look.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 15, Issue 3.

Chelsea Wagenaar is a doctoral candidate in poetry at the University of North Texas. She has had poems accepted or published recently in Barrow Street, Salamander, and The Greensboro Review, and she is the 2012 winner of the Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize through Nimrod International Journal.

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