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Devon J. Moore Wins the 2017 CPR Editors’ Prize Book Award

The editors of Cider Press Review are delighted to announce the winner, runner-up, and finalists for our 2017 CPR Editors’ Prize book award:


All Throats Sound Animal,  Devon J. Moore


Was Body, Billie Tadros

ADDITIONAL FINALISTS  (In Alphabetical Order):

After All, Pat Daneman
The Archaeology of Light, Stuart Lishan
Bewildered by All This Broken Sky, Anna Scotti
The Compost Reader, Karen Schubert
Glass is Glass Water is Water, Rae Gouirand
Notes on Vanishing, Camasin Pedroja

by Rae Gouirand

Like cleaning waves of water
with the same: entering

a feeling into a room of feeling.
Admitting to love with

a finite mouth. I want to ask
partnership with all things:

that I should have what is true
before me, that I should see

what I need. Nothing
washes life from itself.

We chase these thoughts until
they go clear, make circles

with sponge on glaze, sense
lather unbinding both

our hands: enter again
the running stream.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 15, Issue 3.

Rae Gouirand’s first collection of poetry, Open Winter, was selected by Elaine Equi for the 2011 Bellday Prize, won a 2012 Independent Publisher Book Award and the 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Award, and was a finalist for the Montaigne Medal, the Audre Lorde Award, and the California Book Award for poetry.

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