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Plein Air: What the Scarecrow Thought, by Niamh Corcoran


I am beginning
to splinter, all the rain and heat last summer,
and months of standing between tiller and mower
alone with my thoughts from first frost until now.
I remember only the mingled smells, ripeness
and rot. Tell me, what was the difference then?
I failed you and could not keep the crows away,
but still you will carry me to the garden’s edge,
dress me, give me a body, try to teach
me to keep death and scavengers away.
I know the drill. I am grateful for ritual.
You lift me from the trapped cellar. We enter
a broth of light and cross the lawn together.
Purple crocuses appear before forsythia.
You stake me here and I keep watch for you.
Not too far away, there is a wall
of pear trees guarding an apple orchard.
Scanning branches for hints of the season,
I start to think of love as lack of fear.
And why shouldn’t I love the murder,
though they plot, black buds on pear tree branches,
to rake the garden for seed or excrement?
Black birds falling from the trees, they ravage me.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 13.
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Niamh Corcoran’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Third Coast, Magma, Limestone, Ekphrasis, and elsewhere. A poet and a visual artist, she lives in Maryland with her family.

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CPR Volume 13 off to the Printer

Cider Press Review, Volume 13A little late (but no later than last year), CPR Volume 13 is now on its way to the printer!

Volume 13 features new work from, Anne Babson, Vicki Bee, Kate Bernadette Benedict, Alyse Bensel, Laura Bontrager, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Marilyn Cavicchia, Elizabeth Chapman, René Char, Sharon Chmielarz, Christina Cook, Niamh Corcoran, Brittney Corrigan, J. P. Dancing Bear, Aran Donovan, Juditha Dowd, Renée Emerson, David Filer, Derek Furr, Alan Gann, Taylor Graham, Cindy W. Gutierrez, Jennifer Habel, John Hart, Chris Haven, Lauren Hilger, Carol Hobbs, Louisa Howerow, Donna Hunt, Danielle Jones-Pruett, Peycho Kanev, Ray Keifetz, Katie Kingston, Ellen Kombiyil, Susanna Lang, Nylah Lyman, Joan Mazza, Bernadette McBride, Cory McClellan, Sandy McCord, Gerardo Mena, Mary Elizabeth Parker, Thomas A. Pepperz, David Petruzelli, Tasha Pippin, Lynne Potts, Katharine Rauk, Claudia Serea, Eric Paul Shaffer, Myra Shapiro, James Siegel, Karen Skolfield, Michael G. Smith, Heather Sommer, Robert Spiegel, Alison Stone, Catherine Strisik, Jonathan Jay Taylor, Kelly Terwilliger, Gail Thomas, Dwayne Thorpe, Christine Tierney, Ryan Vine, Donna Vorreyer, Mark Wagenaar, Kathleen Weaver, Peter Weltner, Luke Whisnant, and Kelley Jean White.

Copies of Volume 13 will be available in both print and ebook formats by the end of June, 2012.