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Aubade with French Horn
by Mark Wagenaar

It blurts like a parrot in a house fire, this brass so tarnished it might have been struck alive & shaped out of the char of the parrot’s cage. Its shuddering tinnotes fade like a word swallowed, one you thought hidden for good. Now it calls from a window, & unlaces the morning to everything we’ve forgotten, loosens the knots that hold the petals of dahlias & blue phlox into freefall, the gardens fraught with confetti. Where is the wind that vanishes lovers into morning, & reels the notes back? The horn’s valves were lucky coins once, pried from the hands of sailors who will never surface, or plucked from the eyes of the quiet. Cast from hotel keys, how many lost nights glimmer upon its brass? A last place where old letters voice their promises. Listen to the sound of breath pushed through thirteen feet of dark coiled beneath gold ribs. The prints on the brass are left upon us.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 16, Issue 1.

Mark Wagenaar is the 2012 winner of the Felix Pollak Prize for ‘Voodoo Inverso.’ This year he has also won the Greg Grummer Poetry Award, the Gary Gildner Poetry Award, & the contests of Fugue, Columbia: A Journal of Literature & Art, & Oberon Poetry Magazine. He recently transferred from the University of Utah to the University of North Texas, where he is a doctoral candidate.

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CPR Volume 13 off to the Printer

Cider Press Review, Volume 13A little late (but no later than last year), CPR Volume 13 is now on its way to the printer!

Volume 13 features new work from, Anne Babson, Vicki Bee, Kate Bernadette Benedict, Alyse Bensel, Laura Bontrager, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Marilyn Cavicchia, Elizabeth Chapman, René Char, Sharon Chmielarz, Christina Cook, Niamh Corcoran, Brittney Corrigan, J. P. Dancing Bear, Aran Donovan, Juditha Dowd, Renée Emerson, David Filer, Derek Furr, Alan Gann, Taylor Graham, Cindy W. Gutierrez, Jennifer Habel, John Hart, Chris Haven, Lauren Hilger, Carol Hobbs, Louisa Howerow, Donna Hunt, Danielle Jones-Pruett, Peycho Kanev, Ray Keifetz, Katie Kingston, Ellen Kombiyil, Susanna Lang, Nylah Lyman, Joan Mazza, Bernadette McBride, Cory McClellan, Sandy McCord, Gerardo Mena, Mary Elizabeth Parker, Thomas A. Pepperz, David Petruzelli, Tasha Pippin, Lynne Potts, Katharine Rauk, Claudia Serea, Eric Paul Shaffer, Myra Shapiro, James Siegel, Karen Skolfield, Michael G. Smith, Heather Sommer, Robert Spiegel, Alison Stone, Catherine Strisik, Jonathan Jay Taylor, Kelly Terwilliger, Gail Thomas, Dwayne Thorpe, Christine Tierney, Ryan Vine, Donna Vorreyer, Mark Wagenaar, Kathleen Weaver, Peter Weltner, Luke Whisnant, and Kelley Jean White.

Copies of Volume 13 will be available in both print and ebook formats by the end of June, 2012.