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Julia Bouwsma Wins the 2015
CPR Book Award

The editors are pleased to announce the winner of the 2015 Cider Press Review Book Award: Julia Bouwsma. Ms. Bouwsma won the 2015 award with her manuscript Work by Bloodlight.

Runner-up for the prize was Erin Elizabeth Smith with her manuscript Down: The Alice Poems. An honorable mention goes to V.P. Loggins and his manuscript The Green Cup.

Contest judge Linda Pastan writes:

It’s strange how so much beauty can come out of this often painful, always unflinching work. In poems that range through the physical world−the weasel in the henhouse, the calligrapher at his table−Bouwsma’s language is at once muscular and lyrical, her voice both passionate and honest.

The manuscript will be published in January, 2017.

Volume 17, Issue 3 is Now Online

CPR Volume 17, Issue 3Cider Press Review, Volume 17, Issue 3 is now online. Enjoy new poems by M. Ross Henry, Carmen Germain, Catherine Moore, Erin Rodoni, Sarina Bosco, Diana Smith Bolton, SarahJordan Stout, Christina Seymour, Jan Bottiglieri, Sara Henning, Allison Joseph, Corrie Williams Kentner, Anthony Botti, Kathleen Brewin Lewis, Doug Ramspeck, Elise Gregory, Julia Bouwsma, Knud Sorensen (Translated by Michael Goldman), Jess Williard, Adam Penna, Jennifer Stewart Miller, Katie Manning, Eloisa Amezcua, Givhan Jennifer, Ann E. Michael, Simon Perchik, Sara Biggs Chaney, Jacqueline Balderrama, Alessandra Bava, Tina Richardson, and Alina Stefanescu. Reviews of Spencer Reece, Laura Madeline Wiseman, and Anne Marie Macari by David Seter, Corrinne Adams, and Cindy Snow.

Foxes and Hens
by Julia Bouwsma

The hens shrill us awake into the bullet dawn. Only animals move quickly in this primordial light. My husband makes coffee with my rifle in his hand. He goes to work, leaves it on the kitchen table for me to see. Some days our hilltop is a balding arc of granite—something you could hatch right out of. The fox, so exquisitely brazen, takes two in broad daylight. I’m a lousy shot. The fox kills more than she can carry. My husband ties two dead birds to a stake and waits. The hens summer swell for a week. I walk a wide circle around them as I do my chores. The fox doesn’t return. On Sunday, he drives their bodies down the road and throws them to the trees.

Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 17, Issue 3.

placesaver2Julia Bouwsma’s poems and reviews are published or forthcoming in: Cimarron Review, Colorado Review, Cutthroat, Natural Bridge, The Progressive, Puerto del Sol, Salamander, RHINO, Sugar House Review, and others. Bouwsma serves as a Coeditor for Shape&Nature Press, Book Review Editor for Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, and Poetry Editor for New Plains Press. A writer, editor, teacher, and farmer, she lives off-the-grid in the mountains of western Maine.

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