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CPR Volume 18, Issue 5 is now online.

Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 5, is now online. Yeah, you heard right…, Issue 5. We’re shifting our new volume year to begin in April starting in 2017. For now, enjoy a special BONUS issue to Volume 18 with new poems by Laura Falsetti, Sara Henning, Elizabeth Onusko, Alyssa Jewell, John A. Nieves, Hayden Saunier, Wendy Drexler, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Alina Borger, Sarah Carleton, Allyson Jeffredo, Wendy DeGroat, Charlotte Covey, Judith Montgomery, Carmen Germain, and Christopher Citro. Stay tuned later in the month for new reviews by Jeff Whitney and Barbara L. Estrin.

We Uncertain Animals
by Elizabeth Onusko

I collect the feathers of flightless birds
while you’re hypnotized by a wind turbine gently tumbling

We study the body language of trees
and are numbed by our complicity in their suffering

In our minds we hold hands
as we jump off a cliff

When we talk to each other
it sounds like snow

We heal
but we don’t know how

Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 5.

elizabeth-onusko-2016Elizabeth Onusko is the author of Portrait of the Future with Trapdoor, which received the Bryant-Lisembee Book Prize and was published by Red Paint Hill in spring 2016. She is the editor of Foundry and assistant editor of inter|rupture.

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