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CPR Journal Volume 15, Issue 2 Now Online

Cider Press Review Volume 15, Issue 2Cider Press Review’s April 2013 web issue, Volume 15, Issue 2, is now online.

Read new work by Sandra Kohler, Lois Marie Harrod, Jeanpaul Ferro, David Filer, Lorraine Doran, Rebecca Aronson, Doris Matthews, Brenda Yates, Diane Scholl, Sharon Chmielarz, Joseph Dorazio, Rachel Rostad, Christine Butterworth McDermott, Barbara Mossberg, Shawn Fawson, Susana Lang, John Davis, Susan Grimm, Grant Clauser, Kathleen Hellen, John Sibley Williams, and Jane Rosenberg LaForge.

Read the issue online today; download a Kindle version from Amazon in May.

Farm Girls
by Doris Matthews

don’t know the difference
between a rock and
a hard place because
it’s all rocks and hard places
all sweat and moans
to no one in particular
although the spider knows
when the hand reaches up to brush
the web clear from the face
and the rats know too as
they scamper away from the footfalls
but the calf knows the touch
of fingers on its nose
then gently sucks the softness
thinking of mother so it is mother
when the spider dances.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 15, Issue 2.

Doris (Dee) Matthews grew up one of seven children on a small family farm in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, during the early 1960’s. Her love and respect for animals and the natural world comes through to her from her father, paternal grandmother and great-grandmother all of Abenaki Native American heritage.

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