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CPR Volume 18, Issue 5 is now online.

Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 5, is now online. Yeah, you heard right…, Issue 5. We’re shifting our new volume year to begin in April starting in 2017. For now, enjoy a special BONUS issue to Volume 18 with new poems by Laura Falsetti, Sara Henning, Elizabeth Onusko, Alyssa Jewell, John A. Nieves, Hayden Saunier, Wendy Drexler, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Alina Borger, Sarah Carleton, Allyson Jeffredo, Wendy DeGroat, Charlotte Covey, Judith Montgomery, Carmen Germain, and Christopher Citro. Stay tuned later in the month for new reviews by Jeff Whitney and Barbara L. Estrin.

anti-love spell
by Charlotte Covey

throw salt over your shoulder.

say his name

three times &

turn around. see yourself

in the mirror;     break.

have. you found out.

this is how it happens. clean

up shards, clean up tiles,

thighs, neck.
clean up your room.

the fish has not been fed.

throw a birthday
party for your self-

pity. throw the mementos out—
ticket stubs, ribbons (once wrapped

flowers). there’s blood on
carpet, scent of meat on cream
fibers. you made breakfast
yesterday. you will make lunch

today. dinner tomorrow.

your sunflowers are
getting higher, almost
reaching your window

pane. put the salt back in the
shaker. clean up the bloodied
rug (it never seems to come

out completely). your wrists

are strawberry fields, plowed.

make a sandwich. sit down.
eat. say your name three times.
look at the chrome of the toaster,

see your own freckled face;

stare back.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 5.

Charlotte CoveyCharlotte Covey is from St. Mary’s County, Maryland. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Poetry at the University of Missouri – St. Louis in Fall 2016. She has poetry published or forthcoming in journals such as The Normal School, Salamander Magazine, Slipstream, The MacGuffin, and The Summerset Review. She is co-founder and co-Editor-in-Chief of Milk Journal.

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