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Artist Sara Pedigo Provides Cover Art for Play Button

Beach Standoff (Fraction)

Saint Augustine, FL artist Sara Pedigo has created the original painting Beach Standoff for the cover of Liz Robbins’s upcoming book, Play ButtonPlay Button won the 2010 Cider Press Review Book Award, selected by Patricia Smith.

Pedigo describes her work and it’s relation to Play Button:

Both Painting and Poetry allow us to experience narratives created by others that flesh out our own humanity. I am very interested in the strength and malleability of memory. What I like most about reading Liz’s poetry is the sense of being dropped into specific events, loaded with memory and emotion. For a short time I am allowed to live within that moment.

We load our own narratives onto images; the viewer is allowed to frame the event. The open-ended nature of painting allows the viewer to complete the work and give it new life. When I created Beach Standoff, I wanted to give the viewer a sense of tension, the suggestion that something was about to happen. This painting’s subject is taken from a black and white photograph of my mother on the beach. She stares out of the canvas; her youth is both a strength and vulnerability. She could be the sixteen year old from the poem “Sonnet from Memory.”

Play Button will be released January 2012.  Pre-order your copy now from the Cider Press Review bookstore.

More of Sara Pedigo’s work is on exhibit through December 31 at Plum Contemporary Gallery, Saint Augustine, Florida.


Sara Pedigo is a painter living and working in Saint Augustine, Florida. For more information, visit her website, sarapedigo.com

CPR v. 12 Cover is Author Artwork

CPR Volume 12 cover, "Robin" by Landon Godfrey
CPR Volume 12 cover, "Robin" by Landon Godfrey

Author Landon Godfrey’s manuscript, Second-Skin Rhinestone-Spangled Nude Soufflé Chiffon Gown, won the 2009 CPR Book Award, but fantastic writing is not her only talent.  Godfrey is also an accomplished painter.  The editors were delighted when she agree to let us use one of her paintings for the cover of Cider Press Review, Volume 12.

Landon remarks:” The robin drawing started out as an extension of my appreciation for birds, an appreciation that grew in the couple of years I spent in Oklahoma. It’s a bit on the barren side where I was living, and the birds, especially the bright red birds—the robins and the cardinals—gave me a sense of vibrancy in a sometimes dun landscape. And often they were passing through on their way to somewhere else, as was I. “

Landon Godfrey Receives NC Arts Council Fellowship

The North Carolina Arts Council has awarded Landon Godfrey a generous 2011-2012 artist fellowship in the amount of ten thousand dollars. She will use the money to make time to begin writing poems for a second book. The Arts Council supports many types of artists and arts endeavors throughout the state, asking grant recipients to remain in North Carolina for the grant year, which Landon is happy to do.

Landon Godfrey was the winner of the 2009 Cider Press Review Book Award with her manuscript, Second-Skin Rhinestone-Spangled Nude Soufflé Chiffon GownVisit the CPR Bookstore to get your copy today.