Aura Christi

by Aura Christi

translated from Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and Petru Iamandi The light sends its ambassadors

by Clara McLean

In my father’s final weeks he would collapse into a chair to catch his breath each time he crossed his kitchen. What work the lungs had left to do, a tumor pressed against the heart’s soft artery. Afterward, in Cabo Pulmo, where divers held their breath for centuries, grappling for mother of pearl, I heard the hiss of gills, that movement outward and inward, gasps of microbes … Continue Reading ››

What Were You, Before
by Judith Montgomery

you slipped into your flesh suit, its rosy padding, and zipped it up, little latch throbbing in your throat? A slide of light, sip of mother blood- breath? Until you loosed the pulsing cord to swim into this next world— passage to desire. Incarnate, yielding to succulence and savor—crush of almond marzipan upon the tongue, ooze of cool mud between toes in August’s sweat-dogged days, even … Continue Reading ››