by Susanna Lang

Controlled Burn I’ve seen park workers chivvy the flames as if herding a flock of beasts that half

When Hades Comes for Her
by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro

Like instinct, the coed reaches for the backdoor handle of his black sedan, opens the door, slides onto the leather seat. Door closed, she fastens her seat belt. No need to speak. As always, she’s already texted her dorm address into “where to?” In the rearview, the driver’s eyes are black as drilled holes. Her dorm is south. He’s heading … Continue Reading ››

On a Morning Walk, I Found a Mother Possum
by Pam Baggett

Lying in the curve of a mountain road, the trickle of blood at her mouth red as maple leaves flaming the treetops, belly flayed open. Around her, flailing bits of pink: four hairless infants, eyes bulged and blind, flung from her ruptured pouch weeks early, the rest still tucked inside, sucking cold teats. Hand clamped to mouth, I … Continue Reading ››

Cave paintings
by Michelle Blake

When we study them we slight desire but humans already loved the earth the antelopes with their bounding backs humpback bison, auroch On the dark sheath of lime they called to them, Come, come Because that is what humans do We want things   *   Yes they ate them but first they watched them—frenzy of hoof and foreleg, floodscape of sound and gallop flowing away     … Continue Reading ››