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by Sandra Marchetti

Light in the wings,
down to the vein,

the honeybee’s
plum and gold.

Near a windowsill,
the black bands dip

like rags slipped
in the fan’s wheel.

Little wings spin,
sharp and bright,

points glinting in the sun
show smooth as blades at night.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 16, Issue 3.

Sandra MarchettiSandra Marchetti’s debut full-length collection of poems, Confluence, will be published in Gold Wake Press’ 2014 Print Series.  She is the author of two chapbooks, A Detail in the Landscape, forthcoming from Eating Dog Press, and The Canopy (MWC Press).

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Cider Press Review Volume 16, Issue 3 Debuts July 1

CPR Volume 16, Issue 3The latest issue of Cider Press Review, Volume 16, Issue 3, premiers overnight July 1, 2014 starting at midnight (PST).

Volume 16, Issue 3 includes poems by Nancy Carol Moody, Maggie Blake, Gemma Cooper-Novack, Jose Araguz, Carol V. Davis, Colleen Michaels, Mary Moore, Kevin Phan, Diane Lockward, Gary Hawkins, Sandra Marchetti, Carol Berg, Andrea Potos, Jennifer Jackson Berry, Lisa Cihlar, S. Jordan, Marq Wilson, Jimmie Cumbie, Louisa Howerow, Mark Wagenaar, Susannah Nevison, Sarah Henning, Rebecca Baggett, Evelyn Farbman, and Sharon Chmielarz. Review of Anthony DiMatteo’s “Beautiful Problems: Poems” by Susana H. Case.