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President’s Day/Snow Day eBook Sale!

We at Cider Press Review are ridiculously proud of our books. When one of our wonderful authors gets to hold the first copy of a beautiful print book in their hands, our mission is fulfilled.

While nothing beats print, we are equally proud of our poetry eBooks. We just wish more of you could see them. So here’s your chance!

The east coast is snowed in. What better time to curl up with a good book of poetry? For a limited time, get CPR Volume 13 , The Best of CPR Volume 14/15, and the Best of CPR Volume 16 (with bonus content) each for $.99 in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Download, read, enjoy, and then let us know how you liked it on our Facebook page.

New on Kindle: Inheritance, CPR 15-4, Best Of Volume 14/15

New Kindle Titles from CPR

Read new editions of Cider Press Review titles on your Kindle, tablet or phone.

Inheritance, the breathtaking second book by Joseph Fasano, author of Fugue for Other Hands and winner of the 2011 CPR Book Award. Buy at a special Match Book price if you get both paper and Kindle editions.

Cider Press Review, Best of Volume 14/15, A selection of over fifty of the best poems from 2012 and 2013.

CPR, Volume 15, Issue 4 (October, 2013).