by Susanna Lang

Controlled Burn I’ve seen park workers chivvy the flames as if herding a flock of beasts that half

by Sandra Kohler

The August lilies flower, the butterfly bushes, the rain-bowed tree hydrangea. The garden’s my challenge this morning. To see life steadily and see it whole – who could say that today? Whose life? A man’s life, a woman’s, an Iraqi’s, American’s, Italian’s, Somali’s? See with what lens? In my dream’s, we’ve just moved, I’m showing the rooms to a man delivering our … Continue Reading ››

Time Bomb, by James Cihlar

Inspiration comes when we don’t want it. Navigating the system’s complicated interchanges, an egg-crème moon balances on a distant viaduct, a right jolly apparition competing with the skyline’s liquid crystal display stage left. This morning my partner went to work laughing, You never let me talk, ten years into a projected thirty-year crisis. How long does midlife last? Thirteen years ago, … Continue Reading ››

On the Bus to New York,
by Jean Hollander

A passing truck declares and pleads in script on dirt-splashed steel PLEASE WASH ME PLEASE. The plane on the sparse green is standing still, as freight trains wait the dictates of the station past or what’s to be, while distant toy trains underscore the need for home, their windows glistening with tears. Arrows argue in all directions, offering opposing exits and remain … Continue Reading ››