CPR Volume 22-1

April, 2020 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Mercedes Lawry, I Muse in Holy Week Judith Hoyer, The Chaos of Spring Charles Wyatt, Footprint Susanna Lang, Thrive Dianne Stepp, Patrimony Janelle Adsit, I Have Entered Daniel Bourne, After Eden Bret Shepard, Anthophobia Kieron Walquist, Gorgeous Rochelle … Continue reading CPR Volume 22-1

CPR Volume 21-3

October, 2019 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Marjorie Saiser, Advice to Self, Again M. Hlavka, The Island I Believed I Would Not Return to, and Wished to Find Again Shannon Castleton, He Asks Why I Can’t Get My Mind around Happiness Emma DePanise, Bittersweet Clam, … Continue reading CPR Volume 21-3