Poison Oak

By Oceana Callum I did this to you for your own good. To remind you what you own: skin unpocked as a new peach. I made it swell, rebel and whipped you reverent. I sent you to doctors who admired me. Who marked my course with black ink. Who shot you up and dripped you … Continue reading Poison Oak

CPR, Volume 11

Table of Contents W. E. Butts, Everywhere is Everywhere   Colleen McKee, Blue Like an Orange       Marc Harshman, Whitman and Wright Visit the Wheeling Middle School          David Waite, Schoolground         Brandon Bourgeois, a girl             Sean Prentiss, No (or Careful or Slow)    John Meyer, Under the Open Sky            JC Reilly, Ex Somnium     Oceana Callum, Poison Oak         Rachael Z. … Continue reading CPR, Volume 11