CPR Volume 18-4

October, 2016 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS David White, October Alyssa Jewell, Oil and Pieta Carlie Hoffman, Bloemenmarkt Anatoly Molotkov, Ornithology Diane Scholl, October Jennifer Bullis, I Anticipate a Metamorphosis M.K. Rainey, Blackbird Janine Certo, Out of Country Oceana Callum, All Things Right and Relevant … Continue reading CPR Volume 18-4

CPR Volume 12

Table of Contents Tim Suermondt, When I Get There, If I Get There    (Pushcart Prize Nominee)    9 John Hart, To St. Francis in the Garden     10 Clark Holtzman, The Bird Bath     12 Meri Culp, Side Porch Conjure     13 Diane G. Scholl, Earth, Air, Fire, Water     14 Hedy Habra, Sounds in … Continue reading CPR Volume 12