Judith Montgomery

Judith Montgomery’s poems appear in Prairie Schooner, Cave Wall, and Rattle, among other journals, as well as in several anthologies. Her chapbook, Passion, received the 2000 Oregon Book Award for Poetry; Red Jess (Cherry Grove Collections, 2006) and Pulse & Constellation (Finishing Line Press, 2007) followed.  Her second full-length collection, Litany for Wound and Bloom, … Continue reading Judith Montgomery

by Judith H. Montgomery

Every month her body prepares the scarlet garden, leaf on leaf of nesting cells to plump the shelter, rich red bed stitched with spiral- arteries ready to bear gifts to feed the visitor. And every month one packed golden drop releases, lit seed slipping down the sleek chute until that fortunate fall into the womb’s … Continue reading Apoptosis
by Judith H. Montgomery

CPR Volume 21-1

January, 2019 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Devon Miller-Duggan, Supplication Aura Christi, Dawn Alison Stone Drizzling Ghazal Sherry Rind, This time of year Caroline Goodwin, Common Plants of Nunavut Jen Karetnick, Misdirection Jennifer Bullis, Landscape with Mud and Prints .chisaraokwu., In Fretta Clara McLean, Pulmo … Continue reading CPR Volume 21-1