Baby Mind

Baby Mind
by Scott Nickman

After my parents took the newborn
nursery away, the companionable
rows of fisted infants, humming nurses,
gentle light

I became a cynic.
With no words for disillusionment
or treachery or theft, no concept
of expulsion, I had no choice
but to look happy with my bottle,
take in their words, listen
warily to their tone of voice.

To use their language
meant selling out
and giving up my private one.
Then they held me,
then I was seduced.

Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 23, Issue 1.

Steve Nickman lives in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and is a member of Poemworks: The Workshop for Publishing Poets. He is a psychiatrist who works mainly with kids, teenagers and young adults. He has a strong interest in the experiences and dilemmas of adoptees and their families, and is working on a book about therapy, The Wound and the Spark. Steve’s poetry is forthcoming or has recently appeared in Pleiades, I-70 Review, Nimrod, Summerset Review, and Tar River Review.

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