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    Title of Work: Cup Bound & Crowned

    1. The CONTRIBUTOR certifies that they have the right, permission and/or authority to submit the Work for publication and agrees that CIDER PRESS REVIEW, (here and after referred to as PUBLISHER) shall have the right, but not the obligation, to publish the Work in the English language, throughout the world, in CUP BOUND AND CROWNED in any format including digital, print and audio. The Contributor certifies that the work has either 1) not been previously published or 2) has been previously published by PROST AMERIKA or on, which has authorized republication in this WORK.

    2. Contributor agrees to assign the right to publish without any other claim to royalties from PUBLISHER. Any other royalty agreement(s) entered into between the CONTRIBUTOR and PROST AMERIKA or its principal are the sole responsibility of PROST AMERIKA.

    3. The Contributor agrees that PUBLISHER shall have the right, but not the obligation, to publish the Work or excerpts of the Work in promotional materials for the issue the work is to be included in, in any format, including electronic, print, or audio.

    4. The above rights notwithstanding, all other rights revert to the CONTRIBUTOR upon publication.

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