The White Birch

By Geri Rosenzweig

You should have been here,
in the bed
that held us both,

the soft hinges of your heart
opening and closing
to the stutter and lisp of the white

birch trembling in the jubilance,
the swarm of it,
should know how

good it was to be awake at 3 a m
in the purl and slip
of sound skidding through

the lattices of the tree,
then in the light arriving to take
a careful inventory of shadows

passing across our window shade
in the world
still lovely without you.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 12

Geri Rosenzweig was born and grew up in Ireland. Work has appeared in Nimrod, Rhino, and Poet Lore. She won the BBC Wildlife Magazine Poetry Award, the Rueben Rose Award, (Visions Israel), the Walt Whitman Poetry Society, NY Poetry Award. She has had two chapbooks published, and a collection, Under the Jasmine Moon (HMS Press, Canada).

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