CPR Volume 22, Issue 3

CPR Volume 22-3

October, 2020

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S


Catherine MarenghiCatherine Marenghi,
And Then We Emerged to See, Once More, the Stars

Barbara DanielsBarbara Daniels,
What the Hammer Knows

Michael MercurioMichael Mercurio,

Sarah Ben Olson,
Liturgy of the Hive

Phillip SterlingPhillip Sterling
The Perception of Distance at First Light

Scott HutchisonScott Hutchison,
Crow and Copperhead

Abbie KieferAbbie Kiefer,

Naila MoreiraNaila Moreira ,

Charles Harper Webb,
Old Gnu

Diana MitchellDiana Mitchell,
I need to tell you when you ask if writing matters

Maryanne HannanMaryanne Hannan,

Jen KaretnickJen Karetnick,
I Drink to Irony

Elsa Cross,
Fluvial Navigation

Robert BeveridgeRobert Beveridge,

Greg HillGreg Hill,
The Bluebirds Inside Ourselves

Roger Desy,
than snow

Jeremy RockJeremy Rock,
Field Dress

Katie RichardsKatie Richards,
Femme debout

Simon PerchikSimon Perchik,

George FranklinGeorge Franklin,
While I Slept

Leland Seese,
At Sixty

Nancy Huxtable MohrNancy Huxtable Mohr,
The Wild

William GreenwayWilliam Greenway,

Rachael LyonRachael Lyon,
Self Portrait as Pasiphaë

Megan AlpertMegan Alpert,
One Must Go



Muriel Nelson,
Desert Places: Patricia Colleen Murphy’s Bully Love