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Matins, S.C.
by Alex Miller

Morning in those fields is the prickled fur
of a fox weaving through thickets,

or a raccoon, or the mussed pelt of a deer
matted with witch-hazel gums and sedum.

Above the brush a stratosphere of dragonflies,
some flinty dun, some caribbean chartreuse.

The earth sweats leprous sweetness. And you wake up
settled but placeless, purblind, half asleep,

saying the litany of things.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 20, Issue 3.

Alex MillerAlex Miller is the co-author of A Bow From My Shadow, a collection of poems written in dialogue with poems by Luke Irwin (Ecco Qua Press, 2013). His work has appeared in The Cortland Review, Measure, The Adirondack Review, Pif, The Curator, and Lake Effect. He is a Lecturer in Western Literature at Gordon College in Wenham, MA, and an English teacher.

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Along the Edge of the Mad
by Suzanne Rogier Marshall

A tumble-rush, whitewater roar, the river races, mad
as its name, over cobble

and ledge. Kingfisher rattling overhead, I wander
a jumble of boulders beached at its edge –

granite hump-backed, sun-bleached, streaked
in ochre and dun, glint of quartz.

Amid this wild scatter, a rock the shape of my heart –
two lobes tapered to a point,

tumbled, humbled by water, grit, the hone of time,
ground down. Once jagged, sharp,

now weathered, worn smooth. A heart I can hide
in a pocket, hold in my hand.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 20, Issue 3.

Suzanne Rogier MarshallSuzanne Rogier Marshall taught English to middle school students for nearly forty years, publishing several professional articles and a book on teaching poetry. Her poems have appeared recently or are forthcoming in Heartwood Literary Journal, Up North Literary Journal, Portage Magazine, Watershed Review, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and other journals and anthologies. She is the author of Blood Knot, a chapbook published by Porkbelly Press in 2015.

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Naming the Day
by Phillip Sterling

He had asked and in reply—

swallowtail, joe-pye weed,
balloon flower, skipper

—the boy recalls a beach
where his father is teaching

the perfection of stone,
honed smooth and flat as

possible and best sized,
if possible, to fit exactly

the thumb and forefinger
of one’s throwing hand,

and to send it on a plane
like a pilot practicing

take-offs and landings,
and when they plumbed

the clear shallows of Lake
Michigan for more skippers

the boy learned bouyancy
as well, how to hold one’s

breath just so as to make
him float

—his mind a kind
of butterfly of its own . . .

He had asked and in reply

—his father spoke of botany
and geology, of physics,

foment of flower and rock,
and other words of love.


Published in Cider Press Review, Volume 20, Issue 3.

Phillip SterlingPhillip Sterling is the author of two poetry collections, And Then Snow and Mutual Shores, a collection of short fiction, In Which Brief Stories Are Told, and four chapbook-length series of poems: Significant Others, Quatrains, Abeyance, And for All This: Poems from Isle Royale. He has served as Artist-in-Residence for both Isle Royale National Park and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

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