Mystery Sisters
by Wendy Taylor Carlisle

Rita and I are Mystery Sisters, buoyant on the porch, taking turns being Little Elk, make-believing we’re savvy. Our game, equal parts Saturday Westerns and Christmas outfits is fake six-shooters, leatherette belts, tight-tooled boots. We sweat under our almost-buckskin. We suffer our fake Stetsons. Rita and I are blood tight, ride Schwinn stallions. We reckon the neighbors … Continue Reading ››

Watching Curious George with my Daughters
by Matt Mason

Watching Curious George with my Daughters
It’s okay, largely due to the characters’ appreciation for donuts. You do need to overlook the reality of a man obsessively dressed in yellow taking a monkey from the African wild, oh, colonial metaphor, oh, fashion disaster. That said, I like how the TV show changes Professor Wiseman from man to woman as, come on, the books are … Continue Reading ››