White Sheets, by Julia Esacove

Everywhere, snarled harps of sheets unfurl to lick toenail, lip, eyelash. White dragons of thin cotton thwack-snapping in the hands of orderlies long acclimated to the wards’ fleshy humidor of blackening lilies. The sick sweat, unsoothed. The flatlined, stripped of tubes and unstrung like violins in reverse are removed from last-act bivouacs and shipped off to some lower level only … Continue Reading ››

Vulture, by Stan Sanvel Rubin

regularity and symmetry…are amongst the
primordial needs of the human soul
        --Baudelaire, Journaux Intimes
Standing elsewhere, I look at myself and record what’s missing not with my eyes, so, much, but with the mind that circles mountains and returns, and returns like a wind wanting to be sure it hasn’t missed anything before seeking the next desert, the calcified … Continue Reading ››

How to Fly, by Cory McClellan

Tell no one where you’ve buried the map of your feet. Maintain your invisible stealth. On streets where people move in pairs, keep your failed attempts off secret runways in the hush-hush pockets of your raincoat. There are unexplored atmospheres inside the Pectoralis minor grooves (descended from pterodactyls) where aeronautics remain dormant. If no one sees you walk they can’t prove you’re on the … Continue Reading ››