CPR Volume 17-2

April, 2015

T A B L E of C O N T E N T S


Katherine HolmesKatherine L. Holmes,

Hillary KobernickHillary Kobernick,

placesaver2M. Ross Henry,

placesaver2Richard Dinges, Jr.,
All My Men

Mario MelendezMario Meléndez,
Rimbaud’s Daughter
Translated by Eloisa Amezcua

placesaver2David Koehn,
The Day We Translated Catullus 8 in Mr Nemesh’s Latin Class

Lois P. JonesLois P. Jones,
At Le Petit Pontoise Café

Rhiannon ThorneRhiannon Thorne,
Iberian Tour

Katie ManningKatie Manning,
But San Diego Is Flooded Today

Meredith McDonoughMeredith McDonough,
He Used His Body

Devon Miller-DugganDevon Miller-Duggan,
Disorderly Abecedarian.3: Blasphemy

Francesca BellFrancesca Bell,
What Is Green in Me

George-DrewGeorge Drew,
Flash Fictions

Virginia BellVirginia Bell,
The Man Who Perfected the Disappearing Thumb Trick

placesaver2Maggie Rosen,
Rules of Equestrian Statues

Colleen MichaelsColleen Michaels,
Grand Mal, Pall Mall, Pell Mell

Michael AlbrightMichael Albright,
Building the Future

Karen TerreyKaren Terrey,
Grief Sits in a Striped Chair

placesaverJudith Montgomery,

Catherine Abbey HodgesCatherine Abbey Hodges,
Our Lady of Betwixt

Ross LosapioRoss Losapio,
Everything is swimming

Billy ReynoldsBilly Reynolds,
Double Mississippi Elegy


Ed_Bennett_headshotEd Bennett,
Woman in Metaphor by Maria Elena B. Mahler, ed. with art by Stephen Linsteadt

Gary LeisingGary Leasing,
Review of A Wilderness of Monkeys, by David Kirby

Raphael KosekRaphael Kosek,
Edible Flowers by Lucia Cherciu

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