Crow and Copperhead
by Scott Hutchison

Crow spots the slither in high weeds next to the roadway; crow knows what this creature wants and needs. Flies down, lands a hop away, caws, flaps, puffs out the heart-energy of his dark breast. Forked tongue senses warmth, seeks. Sinuations of barreled flesh, taut and muscled around the flexings of rib cage, advance; dangerous … Continue reading Crow and Copperhead
by Scott Hutchison

Scott Hutchison

Scott Hutchison’s previous work has appeared in The Georgia Review and The Southern Review. Poems are forthcoming in Appalachian Heritage, Concho River Review, Aethlon, Soundings East, Steam Ticket, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, and Tar River Poetry. A new book of poetry, Moonshine Narratives, is available from Main Street Rag Publishing.

CPR Volume 22-3

October, 2020 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS   Catherine Marenghi, And Then We Emerged to See, Once More, the Stars Barbara Daniels, What the Hammer Knows Michael Mercurio, Augury Sarah Ben Olson, Liturgy of the Hive Phillip Sterling The Perception of Distance at First Light … Continue reading CPR Volume 22-3