Phillip Sterling

Phillip Sterling is the author of two poetry collections, And Then Snow and Mutual Shores, a collection of short fiction, In Which Brief Stories Are Told, and four chapbook-length series of poems:  Significant Others, Quatrains, Abeyance, And for All This: Poems from Isle Royale. He has served as Artist-in-Residence for both Isle Royale National Park … Continue reading Phillip Sterling

CPR Volume 20-2

July, 2018 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Athena Kildegaard, I Have Never Sandra Kohler, Independence Day Elizabeth Knapp, My Past Life as a Puritan Joannie Stangeland, Out of Season Lauren Henley, The Orchard Spider & The Grub Susanna Lang, A Small Death Judy Kaber, Walking … Continue reading CPR Volume 20-2