by Michael Mercurio

Those rising gods of cloud, possum-belly cream and white, that roadkill brightness (winnowed by rod & cone) I take like tea: necessary enactment of incarnation. October’s not known for light— no gold sluicing low over meadows, stippling brooks, dappling fields —what I noticed was no miracle, just crepuscule I can’t resist: dim, brief, hammered flat … Continue reading Augury
by Michael Mercurio

Michael Mercurio

Michael Mercurio lives and writes in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. His poetry has appeared in Palette Poetry, Sugar House Review, Rust + Moth, Crab Creek Review, and elsewhere, and his poetry criticism has been published by the Lily Poetry Review and Coal Hill Review.

CPR Volume 22-3

October, 2020 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS   Catherine Marenghi, And Then We Emerged to See, Once More, the Stars Barbara Daniels, What the Hammer Knows Michael Mercurio, Augury Sarah Ben Olson, Liturgy of the Hive Phillip Sterling The Perception of Distance at First Light … Continue reading CPR Volume 22-3