Mark Putnam

Mark Putnam is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida. While most of his professional work is academic in nature, he has translated poetry by Spanish author and poet Rafael Montesinos with Lola Hidalgo Calle which has been published in Tampa Review and Blackwater Review as well as an anthology … Continue reading Mark Putnam

Volume 18, Issue 1 is Now Online

Cider Press Review, Volume 18, Issue 1, is now online. Enjoy new poems by Maria Sanz (translated by Lola Hidalgo-Calle and Mark Putnam), Tim Cresswell, M.K. Foster, Colin Schmidt, Yehoshua November, LeRoy Sorensen, Yuko Taniguchi, Ben Debus, Mary Moore, Elijah Burrell, Charles Harper Webb, Amorak Huey, Allison Joseph, Cassandra Cleghorn, Jennifer Highland, Danielle Mitchell, Michael … Continue reading Volume 18, Issue 1 is Now Online

by María Sanz

Translated by Lola Hidalgo-Calle and Mark Putnam I never enter, I surrender to its noble narrowness of winters without escape with braziers in the background. The dawn’s scattered clouds remain vigil, wearing wandering blond lace to bent embroidere. When it gets dark, I look at every cloak of rain whose braiding thread still stands over … Continue reading Vírgenes
by María Sanz