Even Though Eric Was Right
by John Repp

to fix me with that “Grow up” look after I said “I wish I’d grown up in the forties,” I wish this minute I’d come of age in fifties New York, a two-dollar coffeepot perpetually perking on a hotplate, battered books propped the length of each baseboard, a Cross turntable crackling Bartok on a glacial … Continue reading Even Though Eric Was Right
by John Repp

John Repp

John Repp grew up near the Palace Depression in Vineland, New Jersey. His most recent book is Fat Jersey Blues, winner of the 2013 Akron Poetry Prize from the University of Akron Press. Find out more at his website: www.johnreppwriter.com.

CPR Volume 19-4

January, 2018 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Margaret C. Hughes, Leaving Rhode Island D M Gordon, Protest Judith Montgomery, Apoptosis Alison Stone, Chill Lori Lamothe, Before Further Testing Gail C. DiMaggio, The Wind Telephone Chris Souza, Waiting Megan Merchant, Cafuné Sergio A. Ortiz, Postcards Cameron … Continue reading CPR Volume 19-4