After the Concert
by Jennifer Highland

raindrops staccato leaf to leaf I enter the night with hands still stinging from applause cymbal-shiver of sheet lightning through cloud Damp-skinned, I wade the electric darkness ready for a sign, a sound the wind’s spiraling cadenza Tonight I am hollow I am thin-walled, fine-grained I will resonate to any note that’s true   Published … Continue reading After the Concert
by Jennifer Highland

Jennifer Highland

Jennifer Highland’s poetry has appeared in Heron Tree, Festival of Language, Josephine Quarterly, Quiddity, and other literary journals and anthologies.  She practices osteopathy in New Hampshire’s first solar-powered medical office.

CPR Volume 18-1

January, 2016 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Danielle Mitchell, Knowledge Janet Hagelgans, First Kill Judy Kronenfeld, Hallowed Freeze, Exalted Thaw Amanda Lou Doster, You are expected to be more decorous than linoleum Jennifer Bullis, In That Time of Skiing I Was Always Wrong T.J. Sandella, … Continue reading CPR Volume 18-1