I Have Entered
by Janelle Adsit

like water—what it was—to enter—unprepared—the tide moves left—there is nothing to bring to it—I could not gather your things—some things broke instead—a phone crushed in your hand—we are always found holding—the body changes the water that holds it—the waters spill out and drown into what we call river—I once was standing next to you—not preparing … Continue reading I Have Entered
by Janelle Adsit

Janelle Adsit

Janelle Adsit is the author of the poetry collection Unremitting Entrance (2015) and the chapbook “Press Yourself Against a Mirror” (2015). She is also author of Toward an Inclusive Creative Writing (2017); editor of Critical Creative Writing: Essential Readings on the Writer’s Craft (2018); and co-author of Writing Intersectional Identities: Keywords for Creative Writers (forthcoming, … Continue reading Janelle Adsit

CPR Volume 22-1

April, 2020 T A B L E of C O N T E N T S POEMS Mercedes Lawry, I Muse in Holy Week Judith Hoyer, The Chaos of Spring Charles Wyatt, Footprint Susanna Lang, Thrive Dianne Stepp, Patrimony Janelle Adsit, I Have Entered Daniel Bourne, After Eden Bret Shepard, Anthophobia Kieron Walquist, Gorgeous Rochelle … Continue reading CPR Volume 22-1